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Security & Moving

There are some things that we don't need to say. To quote some Ministers of the security cluster: "the crime rate is falling"  or "under control" or "at acceptable levels", as if we are stupid! These statements are on a par with garlic as an ARV!

So some pointers on security and moving, to make your move easier.

If you have not done so read Moving & Insurance

Moving your Furniture

All your Assets are in Transit!

Don't skimp on insurance for all your worldly goods when they are in transit. Take cover - a disaster is typically less than 50cm away - one manic in the opposite lane. Your removal company can offer insurance cover typically at 1 to 3% of the declared value. As an alternative try your short term insurer. You MUST have a good inventory, and you already have those photographs.

Securing the house

Don't leave a house standing empty without an ARMED alarm or a security
guard. You cannot believe the damage that a geyser can cause when a thief
drops it through the ceiling.

Make sure that you hand over all the keys for your old house. As a matter of old fashioned courtesy label the keys!

Collection and Delivery

Don't move on the rubbish collection day! You don't know the crew and the crew does not know your neighborhood. You don't want someone walking past to casually pick up a box and wander down the road. It happened to our owner!


Make sure that everything has been packed and is loaded. Walk into every room, open every cupboard, walk into the garage, the storeroom the attic the cellar and the garden checking that everything has been loaded.


Make sure that you have got every single key for your new address. Make sure that you know the alarm codes. Get the alarm manual. Make sure your new armed response contract is in place. Test the alarm.

ONLY NOW are you ready to accept delivery.

Personally mark off every box on your inventory list as it gets offloaded from the truck. If a box is damaged unpack it and check the contents. At the end of the process when you are asked to sign the delivery note, sign, BUT YOU MUST WRITE - "Contents not inspected". the fine print usually says everything is OK - so cover yourself and give yourself time to unpack and inspect everything.


You must get a move on and unpack all your electrical appliances plug them in and see that they work - you normally don't have more than 3 days to lodge a claim.

AND PLEASE don't throw out the boxes onto the pavement which have all the high value labels written on them e.g. TV, Hifi, etc as this is an invitation to a burglar. Collapse them put them in garage and dump them yourself.


Go and introduce yourself to your neighbors.

We know that this is not the kindest easiest reading material, as we all want to believe that our homes are safe, but your safety is your responsibility.

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